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Protect & pass on your family’s most important assets—stories, memories, digital life, properties, estate, important documents and their legacy, today.

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Emergency Planning

Emergencies come unannounced. Plan ahead. It’s easy & takes 60 secs, start to finish.

Family Vault

Organize & pass-on all online accounts, critical documents, and cherished memories to people you trust and love.

Directives & Wills

Comprehensive estate planning options with unlimited updates. It’s free and takes less than 10 mins!

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Emergency Planning

Family Vault

Directives & Wills

Security is our top priority

Patent Pending Security

Clocr’s patent-pending security digitally shreds files and then distributes them to multiple decentralized storage locations.

Beyond Bank-level Security

Clocr is hosted on AWS and uses 256-bit AES (military-grade) encryption. Our digital shredding technology offers bank-level security.

Digital Shredding Technology

Our patent-pending digital shredding technology is built on IPFS and Blockchain concepts. The shredded fragments are assembled only when the user accesses them.

Multi-factor Authentication

In addition to strong password, we have multi-factor authentication to offer additional layers of security.

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